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Pískovna u Dračice (Sand Pit near Dračice) Nature Monument

The Pískovna u Dračice nature monument, covering a total area of 7.9 ha, was declared in June 2001 in the cadastre territory Rapšach in the third zone of the PLA. It is located in the area where the gravel sand was quarried in the past and is of a complex nature. The subject of protection here is the geological and geomorphological phenomena unveiled by the gravel sand quarrying, so unique for the Třeboňsko PLA, and dry and warm sites with rocky outcrops and exposed gravel sands, minor wetlands at the sand pit bottom and the plant and animal communities depending on them, as well as endangered species, including the European significant ones. The sand pit demonstrates the formation of the scientifically valuable site during the extraction of a traditional local raw material and also documents the geological structure of the Třeboňská Basin. The nature monument was declared in accordance with the “Principles of Decontamination and Reclamation of the Quarried Gravel Sand Areas in the Třeboňsko PLA from the Environmental Protection Perspective".

GPS position

N 48° 53.000', E 14° 58.000'