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Dračice Nature Monument near Františkov

The Dračice nature monument is a part of the Dračice River between the village of Klikov and the state border with Austria. The river with numerous boulder sections flow through the narrow valley which resembles the rocky canyon in certain parts. It is a sanctuary of significant populations of endangered animals. In the section around 3.5 km, the river valley cuts in the medium- to coarse-granular two-micaceous granite (Číměř type) of the Palaeozoic age (Moldanubian Pluton). The valley bottom is partially filled in with thin Pleistocene and Holocene deluvial and fluvial sediments. Rocky outcrops appear here and there on the valley slopes, the soil surface is formed by the strongly skeletal cambisol and the boulder river bed shows an erosion activity of water.

GPS position

N 48° 53.000', E 14° 56.000'