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The World of Mountain Meadows

From Shepherds to Cottagers

Mountain chalets in the past and present

Ovčárna („Shepherds Cottage“) served as a tourist chalet with a pub as early as in the 19th century. The Teutonic Knights built a large hotel here at the beginning of the 20th century. Barborka was not built until 1937, as a stable with a lodging house for herdsmen.

At Švýcárna, tourism already flourished hundred years ago. The times when the original farm building was used for stabling cattle are gone.

The Kurzovní chalet was built by a group of sports and tourism enthusiasts in the 1950's in place of large stables.

The tower on Praděd was built in 1912 and was called „The Habsburg Watch-tower“. Later, it was rebuilt into a restaurant with tourist accommodation. However, it was not maintained after the World War II and consequently collapsed in 1959.  

GPS position

N 50° 3.960', E 17° 14.486'



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