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Horní Lužnice Nature Reserve

The nature reserve covers the meandering, 16 km long course of the Lužnice River with a number of cut-off stream branches and pools in the alluvial plain between Nová Ves nad Lužnicí and Suchdol nad Lužnicí. It is one of the last preserved stretches of the lowland meandering river in the territory of Bohemia. A lot of terrain depressions, oxbow lakes and approximately 140 pools of various size and depth can be found in the periodically overflown alluvial plain bordered with the river terrace slopes. In the past, the alluvial plain areas were used as meadows and pastures, but nowadays the majority of areas are left to the effects of spontaneous succession. Except for a short stretch below the village of Nová Ves, neither the river flow development nor the stands on the river banks are interfered in any way. Hunting and sport fishing activities are allowed in the reserve territory. The reserve border is here and there followed by the road from Halámky to Nová Ves nad Lužnicí.

GPS position

N 48° 51.000', E 14° 54.000'