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Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area (Hranice)

The Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area is one of few large-scale protected areas located in the flat countryside. Although it is an area that has been transformed by the man for many centuries, very rare natural wealth has preserved here. We can find many spots which exemplify a harmonic relation between the nature and the human activities. The Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area was declared in 1979. Extraordinary importance of the territory was also proved by including Třeboňsko in the worldwide network of Biosphere Reserves under the UNESCO Man and Biosphere programme in 1977. The most valuable sites in the Třeboňsko PLA with a total area of 700 km2 are protected by a network of 33 nature reserves and monuments, five of which are the national nature reserves. The most valuable sites include the so-called transition peatbogs.

GPS position

N 48° 48.000', E 14° 50.000'