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Underground Treasures

Skalka quarry

Treasure and punishment

If you would like to see a typical basalt palisade, there is no need to travel to some more famous volcanic mountain ranges (e.g. Ceske Stredohori – Central Bohemia Uplands in the north of the Czech Republic). There is this nice, though smaller, palisade north of Stary Hrozenkov.

basalt palisade at Stary Hrozenkov

Quarries, in general, are a popular topic for local legends, the main theme of which is usually associated with hidden treasures. This is also the case of the Skalka (=the rock) quarry legend. According to the story, two local women happened to meet some dwarves at Skalka: “If you promise not to tell anybody that you had seen us here, and would not quarrel over the gold on your way home, we will give you as much gold as you are able to carry”, said the dwarves. The women were thrilled by the offer and found it very easy to promise something so simple. And what happened? Greed overtook them, so of course they quarreled over the gold on the way back home, tearing at each other’s clothes, pulling out each other’s hair. When they finally got home and looked at the gold they had been given, they found out it turned into pieces of rock…

GPS position

N 48° 58.380', E 17° 52.077'



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