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Underground Treasures

Janacek mineral water

The Janacek (or Brezova) mineral water rises to the surface in a pleasant beech forest outside of the Brezova village, close to the state border with Slovakia. Its nickname “Janacek” dates back to the time when the famous composer came to stay here to draw inspiration from the local traditional culture and the surrounding nature.

The spring can be reached by a green marked tourist trail, winding along the meandering Brezova stream. The lower, iron rich spring with a very strong taste is usually drunk only by some more adventurous passers-by. The Janacek one is situated a little bit further up.

The water of natural iron rich mineral springs is clear, yet there is a telltale sign in form of an orange-and-red coating on pipes, stones, and the bottoms of small puddles and lakes in the immediate vicinity of the springs, which gives the chemical content away; the water offers favourable living conditions for iron loving bacteria – the cause of the rusty colouring and deposits.

Although the mineral water from iron springs is considered beneficial to our health, it should be drunk with caution and certainly not on a regular basis.

GPS position

N 48° 53.940', E 17° 44.458'



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