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Underground Treasures

Skalky Nature Monument

Geology and spirituality

In the forest between Banov and Bystrice pod Lopenikem, there is an abandoned quarry, now a nature monument called Skalky (= the rocks). The quarry is easy to find, thanks to the small shrine on the top of the quarry face.

Apart from this one, there are two more chapel-shrines (of Virgin Mary and St Anne) and a stone cross in the forest here, offering a rather unusual place for contemplation.

The Skalky quarry, just like other quarries in the area (e.g. Hradek in Banov, Bucnik and Modra voda near Komna, quarries in Bzova and Lokov), show the geological bedrock of this part of the Carpathian mountain range and present the evidence of volcanic activity. The flysch profiles with andesite veins are particularly nice here and you can also see some metamorphosed rock (burnt when it got in touch with molten lava) called porcellanite; this hard rock is used in construction, but as it looks similar to unglazed porcelain, it is also very popular with jewelry makers.

GPS position

N 48° 58.985', E 17° 44.802'



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