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Underground Treasures

Modra voda quarry

Traces of volcanic activity

The Modra voda (blue water) quarry, now a small water filled pit, is situated in a forested area, close to a rest stop on the yellow marked tourist trail between the villages of Nezdenice and Komna. Coming from Komna, you will pass a small spring on your way, while on the Skalka hill, a little further up from Modra voda, the remains of several other small quarries can be found.

The local traces of volcanic activity are hidden in the White Carpathians bedrock – the flysch. Flysch is a multilayered geological formation in which layers of soft marls and sandy shales alternate with those of hard sandstone. In this area the flysch contains veins of andesite and basalt. It can also hide more precious minerals like amethyst, amphibole, quartz, olivine, and opal.

How come there are rocks and minerals here typical of vulcanos? The White Carpathian massive, together with other mountain ranges of the Carpathian Massive was formed in Tertiary, when at some places the outer earth shell cracked and the molten magma got to the surface. There are also some neovulcanic rocks in the area closer to the town of Uhersky Brod, which are younger – they were formed after the main mountain forming processes had stopped. As the lava cooled down under, rather than on, the earth surface, they were only discovered during thanks to geological survey and during mining.

GPS position

N 48° 59.685', E 17° 46.728'



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