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Underground Treasures


Sulphur in the water

The Nezdenice mineral water spring can be found in a small circular shelter near the local outdoor swimming pool. The sulphur water characterictically smells of rotten eggs, which is reflected in the local names used for similar mineral water springs: smelly water, fart water, egg water, and devil’s fart. Although it may be a bit smelly, the local mineral water has curative effects and is perfectly safe to drink. Other sulphur springs can be found near Korytna (it is called Smradacka – smrad = foul smell), Lipova, and Luhacovice (Sirkovnica = sulphur water).

the Nezdenice spring

How does the foul smelling hydrogen sulphide get into the water? Underground waters are often naturally saturated not only with carbon dioxide, but at some places also with methane and the remains of ancient plankton – these help create a suitable environment for the life of sulphur eliminating bacteria. The bacteria decompose iron ores in the bedrock and release hydrogen sulphide which is then dissolved in the underground water.

Apart from the mineral water, there is a former andesite quarry with a small pool not far from here, where some 20 different minerals, including 2 relatively new kinds of quartz, cristobalite and tridymite, had been found.

GPS position

N 49° 0.705', E 17° 45.336'



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