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Okruh Debrník - utajená obrana

Debrník Circuit – Secret Defense

This is the first trail in the Czech Republic, introducing these until recently strictly confidential bunkers to visitors. The Debrník trail, marked in green, will lead its visitors to the former border and forbidden zone, completely inaccessible for ordinary citizens until 1989. In addition to a tour of several bunkers, it also offers the inspection of anti-tank and anti-personnel obstacles used in the post-war fortification system. The appearance and purpose of the equipment and buildings, used by the Border Guard, can be examined very closely. The total length of the trail is approximately 4,5 km and it includes 12 information boards, two fire places, renovated barriers systems, etc. The trail is suitable for both walkers and cyclists, since it leads along paved roads. The access to all accessible bunkers is at own risk only. The tour ends at the former border crossing Železná Ruda / Bayerisch Eisenstein in Alžbětín. The end of the Second World War brought with it gradual division of Europe into two blocks. Czechoslovakia fell under the Soviet sphere of influence and found itself unfortunately exactly on the border between two completely different ideologies. Shortly after the defeat of Germany, the Cold War broke out and the famous Iron Curtain was built between the two blocks. The threat of the outbreak of possible Third World War, intensified by war conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, urged both blocks to intense armament and intimidation with nuclear weapons. Also Czechoslovak army was preparing itself for a possible encounter, and the strictly confidential construction of a new fortification system of so-called “field defense” was a part of it. In 1953–1990, thousands of cleverly hidden bunkers were built in the western borderland, which should have helped to stop the enemy, allowing the subsequent transfer of the conflict to the territory of the enemy. Železná Ruda with its surroundings had a very strategic location, mainly thanks to the important communication Zwiesel – Klatovy, thus considerable attention was paid to its defense. Just in the years1953–1964, more than 50 field defense objects were built between Alžbětín and Železná Ruda. With no exaggeration, Železná Ruda was the most fortified town in the western borderland. Most of the bunkers has been preserved until today, they are in good state and some of them can be observed as a part of the nature trail called „The Iron Curtain´s Secret Defense“.

GPS position

N 49° 8.238', E 13° 14.060'



Město Železná Ruda
Milan Kříž