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Underground Treasures


The mystery of geodiversity

What do we mean by underground treasures? Especially the geological diversity of this region, the signs of which can be seen all around us – if we know what to look for: quarries, rock formations, the shapes of hills, variety of soils, and mineral springs.

The village of Rudice (ruda = ore) derived its name from the occurrence of pelosiderite, a type of iron ore, which is part of the typical bedrock of the White Carpathian Mountains – the flysch. Siderite is a carbonate of iron, the prefix pelo- meaning “dirtied” with clay. This and the rather low content of iron, make it a lower quality iron ore. It was mined here in Rudice and processed at the Henriette Iron Mill below the Novy Svetlov castle in Bojkovice in the 19th century.

These days, however, there is another hidden treasure the inhabitants of Rudice and other places in the area can benefit from – the Rudicka mineral water.

GPS position

N 49° 3.598', E 17° 44.629'



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