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Okruh Debrník - utajená obrana

Anti-tank Ditches

Except for the conical concrete formations, the field defense system also used terrain obstacles, which came into being by appropriate adjustment of the natural terrain. The so-called anti-tank ditch belonged to one of the most effective ways to hold off the field against tanks, very abundantly used by the pre-war fortification system. To a lesser extent, anti-tank walls and cliffs were built within the field defense system. The defense of the so-called „debrnický“ supporting point was strengthened with this anti-tank ditch construction, probably in the second half of the fifties. This ditch was made by deepening and broadening of the creek, which in this place crosses the road and runs across the Ferdinand´s Valley. The ditch is approximately 80m long, but due to the descending terrain,it does not have the same profile at the entire length. To effectively stop a tank, the ditch was required to be 2,5 m deep and 5m wide. The ditch and its foreground was directly fired at by KŽ-1 (VEČ 892) and KŽ-4 (VEČ 2156) objects. In the time of this construction, the Ferdinand´s Valley had significantly less vegetation, thus represented a suitable terrain for the motorized units deployment. In case of battle activation, the bridge over the stream (at which you stand right now) would have been destroyed of course. The road was then barred and destroyed by blasting from a place which was beforehand made as a permanent facility for destruction.

GPS position

N 49° 7.398', E 13° 13.959'



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