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Okruh Debrník - utajená obrana

Firing object KŽ-1

The Object KŽ-1 has the evidence number 892 and was built in order to protect the Ferdinand´s Valley and the nearby anti-tank ditch in 1955–1958. In case of battle activation, it would have been occupied by the Border Guard´s Debrnická Platoon. The armament of this object included a machinegun UK 59 mounted in a carriage UL-1 from the sixties. The carriage was clamped with four anchor bolts and an armor plate in the embrasure. Except for the embrasure hole, observation slits and holes for the control cable of the folding shield are also clearly visible. The folding shield was able to close the whole embrasure.

The universal machinegun UK 59L. Caliber: 7,62 mm; Weight without charge: 8,7 kg; Total length: 1115 mm; Rate of fire (shots/min): 700; Effective range: 600 m; Maximum range: 4800 m.

Such machineguns objects were built in 1955–1961 and in fact formed the major defense element of the supporting points. The Object KŽ-1 was made of pre-fabricated beams and frames, fundamentally only with one loophole. Its internal dimensions were 180/180 cm, with a clear height of 195 cm, decreasing toward the loophole. The entry was situated in one of the sidewalls and had a small corridor with an anti-pressure door. The set for the construction of the KŽ-1 object included 18 various types of precasts. 117 elements were needed in total for the construction and its masking. The total weight of the object was approximately 10 tons. The combat crew consisted of two men (a gunner and his assistant). The firing cabin could have been used as a shelter for 4 men during a standby regime, in an emergency even for 7 people. The small fortress was not equipped with forced ventilation, so it was necessary to have the door open while shooting. The entrance to the bunker was unfortunately buried after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

GPS position

N 49° 7.406', E 13° 13.954'



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