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Okruh Debrník - utajená obrana

Firing object KŽ-4

You are now standing at the Object KŽ-4, which was built in 1962 and has the evidence number 2156. In case of battle activation, it would have been occupied by the Border Guard´s Debrnická Platoon. The task of the platoon would be to arrest the progress of NATO motorized units in case that attempted to break through Ferdinand´s Valley, bypassing the heavily fortified valley near Alžbětín. To enable more effective fighting of the Border Guard units against armored enemy units, firing objects of the KŽ-4 type were built within the field defense system in 1962–1963. These objects consisted of a standby cover and a lined trench for bazooka shooters which were built beforehand in times of peace. It was possible to close the shelter, made up of pre-cast reinforced concrete frames of a smaller type (brightness of 160 cm), with a back-pressure door. Thanks to the amount of soil, it also protected from the effects of radiation and smaller caliber weapons. After the object activation, an observation post was set up at the control entry, the trench was uncovered and connected with the shelter. The trench was constructed in advance, and overlaid with prefabricated frames, so that it could ensure quick occupation of the firing station without the need of its excavation. The shelter section could accommodate five soldiers and two bazookas, in an emergency up to twelve people.

Bazooka 21 This bazooka is a handheld anti-tank gun which works on the recoilless principle and is charged from the back. Three men were needed for its operation: the targeter, charger and ammunition carrier. The gun was equipped with a wheeled carriage, and the most frequent way of firing was from the prone positron. Bazooka was appropriate to fire at moving targets to 300m, at fixed targets to 600m. Its maximum firing range was 2300 meters. A telescope could be used for targeting, or reclining targeters in an emergency.

GPS position

N 49° 7.428', E 13° 13.898'



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