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Okruh Debrník - utajená obrana

Debrnická Platoon of the Border Guard

The baroque Debrník Castle from 1779 was chosen as the object for a platoon which provided surveillance over the wooden sections south from Železná Ruda. The castle used to stand directly at this spot. For the needs of the Border Guard, there were gradually built also other structures – pens for dogs, houses for officers, fencing, etc. The designation of the local platoon changed several times due to the Border Guard reorganization. During the fall of the Iron Curtain its name was the Border Guard´s 3rd Platoon of the 1st Battalion of the 7th Brigade. The headquarters of the 1st Battalion was located in Železná Ruda and the headquarters of the 7th Brigade of the Border Guard in Sušice. The members of the Debrnická Platoon provided surveillance over the border and also defense of the Debrník supporting point in the state of military emergency. After the construction of new premises for the platoon, Debrník Castle gradually fell into disrepair and was unfortunately pulled down by the Border Guard units in the autumn of 1989. The requirement for strict surveillance of the border, which was restored after the Second World War in the pre-Munich borders, led to gradual abolition of the pre-war border surveillance system, provided by the Financial Guard and units of the State´s National Security. Since 1st January 1949, this responsibility was overtaken by a new unit – the Border Guard, which provided the Soviet model of the so-called troop border surveillance system. This system was gradually reorganized again and after the arrival of several thousands men transferred from army units, on 1st January 1951, a new system of command was introduced: Brigade – Battalion – Platoon. The Border Guard Platoon had 46–61 people according to its exposition. The brigade had usually 4 battalions and every battalion had 4–7 platoons. The highest effort was put to border protection with the former Western Germany, running approximately 1,5 km south of here.

GPS position

N 49° 7.512', E 13° 13.968'



Město Železná Ruda
Milan Kříž