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Okruh Debrník - utajená obrana

Welcome in the Borderland

Due to increasing requirements to the imperviousness of the state border with the western nations, a special regime for the borderland was introduced in 1948. The border areas had been displaced, thousands of empty houses were demolished, hundreds of villages and secluded dwellings disappeared, roads were plowed or resorted, and for centuries naturally evolving nature suddenly and irreversibly changed its character…

Since the beginning of the fifties of the twentieth century, a border fence with high voltage wires was installed along the border. It was this border fence which became the symbol of the Iron Curtain that grew up between the Western and Eastern Blocks. All this was supervised by the Border Guard (BG), almost unlimited ruler of the borderland. The border defense system improved further over time: there were new fences, new emergency communications, new watchtowers, searchlights, and various trap equipment. In the second half of the sixties, the high voltage fence was replaced by a signal wall, which proceeded further inland and was kept until the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. You are now walking to places that were inaccessible to ordinary citizens before 1989. The beginning of the border zone started right here. The entry to this area was on special permission only. The so-called “forbidden zone “ started about hundred meters further, where only Border Guard members, or verified persons accompanied by the guard, were allowed.

GPS position

N 49° 7.932', E 13° 13.919'



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