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Okruh Belveder - utajená obrana

KŽ-4 Firing object

This object was built in 1924 under the registration number 2914 which was subsequently changed to 2738. The KŽ-4 object consists of an emergency shelter and a covered trench for bazooka shooters or a covered trench for recoilless canon vs.59. The shelter was made of prefabricated ferroconcrete frames and was used to protect soldiers during artillery or nuclear attack. Five soldiers operating recoilless canon could hide inside the object closed by back-pressure door. An alcove, used in peace times as an entry checkpoint, served for storing canon ammunition. The canon was placed in field. After the combat was over, soldiers were supposed to create a reserve position and communication trenches between the shelter and gun emplacement. The aim of the object was to protect the communications in Železná Ruda and prevent from motorized units of enemies getting inland.

This reactive anti-tank weapon used by units of ČSLA and PS since1960 served for destroying firing objects of enemy. It was used in combat with tanks and armoured vehicles, or for demolishing light building. It was carried behind a vehicle and could be transformed into combat ready-mode in one minute. Canon could be used effectively against armoured targets within 1300m. Its maximum firing range was 7500m. Soldiers operating it had to use a special helmet to protect their hearing. When firing, there was an area of danger as far as 50m behind the canon. In 1963– 1964 the system of field defence was strengthened by construction of a smaller amount of KŽ 4 objects. Seven objects were established in the defence division of the 68th cavalry regiment, out of which three bunkers can be found in the strongpoint at Železná Ruda.

GPS position

N 49° 8.582', E 13° 13.952'



Město Železná Ruda
Milan Kříž