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Important places of the botanical garden

Historical stop

Prague Botanical Garden was founded in 1969. First Director of this new institution was Mr. Jan Jager, replaced in 1973 by Mr. Josef Vyskočil, who headed the Garden till 1989. During his term, the area near the administrative building has been gradually changed into exhibition grounds. Rich assortment of plants was concentrated here – evergreen deciduous trees and conifers, cultivars of Irises and botanical species´ of bulbous plants, collection of bonsai … Index plantarum of 1979 contains altogether 1 889 plant species. Despite all efforts to open the Garden to the public, till 1989, these collections have been accessible to visitors for few times a year only. After 1989, Mr. Eugen Pechman managed the Garden. Thanks to him, in August of 1992 the “Introductory exhibition”, a landscaping area spread between the administrative building at Nádvorní Street and St. Claire´s Vineyard was made open for general public. This year was the break in the history of the Garden. In 1997, the Japanese, Moorland or Heath along the vineyard wall, Mediterranean and Turkish exhibition and the Irises collection were opened. It was the idea of next director of the Garden, Mr. Jiří Haager, to build up an attractive greenhouse, which was completed in June 2004. As of 1995, the Garden is caretaker of the vineyard of St. Claire, a notable cultural preservation object protected by law, opened all year round to the public since 2005. The slope of the vineyard had to be rehabilitated due to the threat of landslides. In 2009, the slope was reinforced and the Wine-processing exhibition was opened to the public by famous Czech artists, Ms. Iva Janžurová and Mr. Václav Postránecký.

GPS position

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