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Z Velkého Března do Zubrnic

Mill valley (Mlýnské údolí)

The stream Luční runs through the 20 hectare open air museum in the Mill valley, south of Zubrnic. The downgrade of the stream was very well-suited for building water mills, and in the middle of the 19th century there were more than twenty mills and other water-powered facilities on its relatively short run. The greatest concentration of these was inside the museum grounds, with 5 located on a stretch of the stream just 2 kilometers long. One mill, Týniště 27, has been open to visitors for a number of years; it is 200m south of you. A second mill, Týniště 28, which you are next to, is undergoing reconstruction. Only ruins and the mill-races remain of the other three mills. A reconstruction project for them is in the planning stages.
The mill Týniště 28 was one of the oldest and largest mills on the Luční, it dates from 1628. In 1710 a water-driven saw and oil press were also located on the grounds, therefore there were three water wheels. The oil press fell into disrepair first, near the end of the 19th century. The mill stopped functioning after the First World War, and the sawmill after the Second World War. The grounds of the mill fell into ruins thanks to socialist ecomonic management and its reconstruction has been expensive and complicated, including artistic architectural components. The mill is being reconstructed first, later the sawmill and oil press will be rebuilt too.
The mill Týniště 27 was one of the youngest and smallest mills on the stream. It was built in 1758 and stopped functioning between the wars. Due to the mismanagement of the post-war residents, it was in a piteous state before reconstruction; the grinding room had no roof and much of the equipment was missing. It was reconstructed in the fashion of a small rural mill with old Czech components.
In the near future, the open-air museum is preparing educational trails for all five of the mills.

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