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Z Velkého Března do Zubrnic

Open-air Museum Zubrnice

The collection of traditional architecture in Zubrnice is one of the most recent outdoor museums in the Czech Republic. The nucleus of the museum is the old historic village, which is located in the eastern part of the Czech central highlands, not far from Velké Březno. It differs from most other outdoor museums because the buildings are in a real, living village. Many of the smaller traditional outbuildings in the museum were not possible to preserve in their original surroundings, and so were moved into the village. With a view to the limited area remaining in the village, a new area called Mlýnské údolí (Mill Valley) is being created, concentrating on the rich history of water mills on the Luční stream. In the center of the village the main attraction is a timbered building with its farmstead, barn, wagon shed, grange, and a unique hot-air drying house. The interior and exterior displays are open to the public. In the next-door building is an exhibition of an old village shop, which was in operation at the end of the 19th century. The interior has been reconstructed as it was in the 1950s. An original shop cupboard was preserved, most of the rest of the furnishings were brought from other locations in the region. Behind the church one can see the village school as it looked just after the war. Near the village square, the relocation of a timbered building which was used for special programs for school youth has been recently completed. Easter, the annual fair, the Autumn festival, and Christmas deserve special mention as important public events here. Of these, the oldest and most visited is the Fair, which is held the second weekend in May. A railway ran in earlier times from Velké Březno through Zubrnice to Verneřic (and later to Úštěk), on which is planned occasional museum transport.

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Useful information

Useful information:


Telephone (reservation of visits) – 475228267

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