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Z Velkého Března do Zubrnic

Magnetovec Hilltop

A forested hilltop Magnetovec is a natural monument with its peak reaching the altitude of 521 m above the sea level. It stands out over the valley of Homolský brook about 6 km from Velké Březno. It represents a belt of rock structures with columnar detachment. Here and there, the rocks form picturesque groups, at the top covered with dwarf Scotch pines (Pinus syvestris). There is a protected belt of rocks not far from the hilltop with a dominant 6–8 m tall rock mushroom formed by touchstone. Contrary to the “mushroom”, the top of Magnetovec hill is formed by a coarse-grained tephritic rock. The rock mushroom is the remaining part of the lava nappe formed by two extrusions of touchstone rock, one lying close on the other. The lower extrusion is more porous and weather worn. The other one was formed by a rock more resilient to weather erosion and resembles a large “hat” sitting on a thinner “leg”. A steep detritus slope lies underneath the belt of rocks. The slope is covered by a deciduous forest of high ecological value. A small cave can be found under Magnetovec hilltop outside of the protected area. A green tourist trail leads from Velké Březno to Magnetovec and further away through Zubrnice to Bukova hora hilltop.

Vrchol Magnetovce

GPS position

N 50° 39.122', E 14° 9.327'



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