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Rotunda St. Jiří (St. George)

The Romance style rotunda on the top of mount Říp is a significant cultural and spiritual monument, which belongs among the oldest preserved structures in the Czech Republic and shows the high architecural standards of that time. The earliest historical mention dates from 1126, when Duke Soběslav of Bohemia defeated the German King Lothar at the battle of Chlumec. In memory of this victory he had the chapel improved and added a western rounded tower. The chapel was consecrated by the respected bishop of Olomouc, Jindřich Zdík. Originally it was dedicated to St. Vojtěch, and only later was it rededicated to St. Jiří (St. George) as the patron saint of ploughing. In its time, the rotunda served as a parish church for the nearby community of Rovné and in the 18th century even a graveyard was established next to it. Since the 1880s, there have been two illustrations of the battle between St George and the Dragon in the rotunda: a relief by Bernard Otto Seeling, and a stone polychrome sculpture by Eduard Veselé. The building was built as a rotunda with half-cylindrical rounding (or apsis) and a cylindrical tower. It was built from worked stone blocks and covered with stone roofing. The oldest known structural alterations were made in 1869 – 1881. A new south doorway was broken through, previously the entrance to the rotunda was via a now walled-up doorway on the west side. Also a large window in the nave was built and the structure was covered with smooth exterior plaster. Subsequent repairs were made in the 1960s. The south doorway from the previous alteration was replaced with a new one in the neo-romantic style. The window openings in the nave were made smaller and the window mantles replaced with romantic style replicas. The stone floor tiles were also replaced. Every year on the first Sunday after St Georges day (24th of April), a traditional church St Georges fair is held at the rotunda, and religious services are held there on the first Sunday of every month.

Rotunda sv. Jiří

Kostelík sv. Jiří

GPS position

N 50° 23.166', E 14° 17.365'



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