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Po vrcholech CHKO České středohoří

Mount Říp

Even though Mount Říp lies outside the borders of the Czech central highlands CHKO (protected landscape park), it falls under the europe-wide protected natural area called Natura 2000, and it certainly belongs there. This mythical, monumental, and unmistakeable mountain is located in the middle of an open area, spread out around the river Labe (Elbe). Jaroslav Seifert dedicated a poem to Mount Říp, in which he wrote:

„When on the horizon I see
amid the landscape a low mount,
in heaven a rich white cloud
- my hearts stops a moment“

Every Czech certainly knows Alois Jirásek's tale about Forefather Čech, who lead his tribe in searching for their promised land and proclaimed from the top of Říp „This is it, the promised land, abundant in milk and honey!“. Historical sources indicate, however, that the first Slavs who came to these lands, at the start of the 6th century, did not settle near Říp. The lands around Říp were settled much later, about the 9th century. Even the name ‚Říp‘ is apparently taken from the old Germanic word ‚rip‘, which meant merely ‚ordinary mountain‘. From a geological perspective Říp is an extinct volcano, more precisely the exposed remains of a volcano flue, reaching about 455 meters above sea level. One curious item about the mountain is its strong magnetism, due to the high content of titanium-rich magnetite. Today almost the entire mountain is covered in trees, but in the 19th century, when trees were first planted there, Říp was almost bare of trees. Today, nature conservationists value highly the few remnants of warmth-loving steppe grasses and flowers that stil grown in places not covered in forest. Říp is also notable thanks to the presence of many rare and specialized species of Hymenoptera insects (sawflies, bees, wasps, and ants), for example Chrysis gribodoi spilota, Scolia hirta, or two rare bees: Osmia bicolor and Osmia rufohirta. Altogether, specimens of 26 endangered species of Hymenoptera have been found here. After climbing to the top of the mountain, one can visit the delightful rotunda St. Jiří (St.George), which is a good place for a long break. One of the foundation stones used in building the National Theater in Prague was brought from Mount Říp in 1868.

View from Říp

Říp in 1886 from the east

View of Říp

GPS position

N 50° 23.452', E 14° 17.462'



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