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The Church of St. Peter and Paul in Sutom

The Church of St. Peter and Paul is located in Sutom, about 10 km from Lovosice. Even though religious services have not been held there for a long time, it still carries the title of parish church and is iconic not only for the village but the surrounding countryside. The medieval history of the area was linked with Kunrát, the owner of Skalka and Sutom, when his three brothers, Rydkéř, Petr and Erhart, were patrons of the church as far back as 1407. During the Thirty Years war, Swedish soldiers raged in this area and in 1639 they ravaged not only Skalka but also damaged the church in Sutom, which nine years earlier had been reconstructed and consecrated to St. Stanislav. Reconstruction of the church was started again in 1716 and the then landowners of the estates, the Hrzáns, entrusted the job to the Italian builder Octavia Broggio. He rebuilt it in the baroque style and it has remained relatively unchanged from that time to the present. It was reconsecrated to the holy apostles Peter and Paul. The work was finished, including decoration of the interior, in 1720. The altar, pulpit, font, and both side altars with pictures have been preserved from that era. In 1832 the estate rebuilt many residential structures and there was also some light rebuilding of the church. Included in these repairs was tearing down the old parsonage and erecting a new one in the classicist style. A wooden bell tower was built near the church and parsonage. The oldest bell in the tower was cast with the date MDLX (1560). Unfortunately, along with two other bells, it was destroyed in the First World War. The bell tower was recently reconstructed with help from the emergency fund MK ČR.

Kostel sv.Petra a Pavla v Sutomi

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