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Po hradech a zříceninách Českého středohoří

Skalka castle

Skalka, a castle together with a chateau, are found in the western area of the Czech central mountains, at the village Vlastislav not far from Třebenice. The first mention of the castle is from 1357, in connection with Petr, known as Skála. During the Hussite wars, the castle was held by an enemy of the Hussites, Hanuš of Sulevice. In 1496 it was obtained by Vchynští of Vchynice. After this, ownership alternated until in 1544 Jan Kaplíř of Sulevice and Košťálově bought Skalka. In 1579 the next owner, Adam Hrzán of Harasov, extended the estates. In 1639 Skalka was devastated by Swedish soldiers and much of its masonry was used in building a baroque chateau, which eventually built next to the former castle by the Hrzáns of Harasov.
The castle stood on a thin rocky ridge, whose northeast flank borders a cliff wall which the chateau building almost clings to. The northwest flank is milder, and so the access path (which splits in two directions) runs here. One path leads under the forecastle, the other leads to the cliff with the rounded tower of the castle (commonly called bergfrit). The tower, which has relatively well-preserved battlements, is irregular in section and is 15.5 meters high. The entry is 9.5 meters above ground level. Inside the tower there were once writings, engraved by prisoners in the 17th century when the tower served as a prison. Behind the tower is a small area, where presumably the palace stood. The oldest part of the site is the castle area on the top of the rocky ridge. Later the castle was extended even to the location of the chateau, and part of the cellars were preserved. Before 1579, a Renaissance chateau was evidently located on the site of the present-day chateau, this was destroyed in 1639 by the Swedish. The present chateau dated from the end of the 17th century. Material quarried from the castle was used during its construction, and the only remnant of the castle standing today is the imposing tower.

Skalka od Sutomi

Skalka s částí zámku

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N 50° 29.888', E 13° 57.612'



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