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Castle Oltářík

The ruins of the castle Oltářík are located in the village of Děkovka, not far from Lovosic. It stands on a basalt peak, which didn't allow much space for building but also greatly restricted the potential of attack. Approach to the castle was only possible on a reinforced path which ran around the hill. On the northern side there is a hollow in the cliffs pointing toward the path, which was used as a shooting porthole. Past the hollow, the path is protected by a towered gateway clinging to the cliffside. After the gate, the path splits. On the right it rises to a flat area, where agricultural buildings probably stood. The other path winds up to the main peak. The impenetrable peak held a trapezoidal tower with two cambered corners. On the ground floor of this were two rooms. The entire upper floor was filled by a spacious hall, to which one ascended on a staircase attached to the front wall. The periphery fortifications of the castle have not survived to the present. This simple structure testifies as to the military objectives for which it was built by the rich hussite leader Jakoubek of Vřesovic. It is not known when it was built, but the first historical records of it are from 1450, when Jan of Polensk took it as collateral from Jakoubek. Jakoubek was unable ever to redeem the castle, and eventually in 1468 Jan of Polensk's son Mikuláš gave it as collateral to the brothers Jan and Oldřich Zajíc of Házmburk. From the brothers, castle Oltářík was obtained by a noble lady of Illburk. In 1544 the castle is documented as being deserted, when because of it's location and discomfort the noblility lost interest in it. Today the body of the palace is the best preserved part.

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