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Oparno Castle

The ruins of Oparno castle, along with the village of the same name, are located about 4 km to the northwest of the town of Lovosice. There is a stream, also called Oparno, that runs through the village. Along the north wall of the castle another stream, called Milešovský stream, has created a picturesque valley.
The first historical mention of the castle was in 1344, and was in connection with the name Smil of Vchynic, who lived there in 1354. The castle remained in the hands of the descendants of Smil until 1472, but in 1530 there is a mention that the castle was deserted, although why the occupants left is not known.
The castle was occupied during the 19th and the start of the 20th centuries, when a wooden restaurant was in operation, some of the foundations can still be seen in the courtyard and a little of the paint on some interior walls. Also preserved from this period are a retaining wall in the moat under the northern side of the central castle.
The solitary castle consists of many different sections built next to each other: two upper fore-castles, the central castle and a lower fore-castle. The first fore-castle might have originally been used for market trading, but it may have had a purely defensive nature. The wide gate allowed carts to enter. The shape of the second fore-castle is not exactly known, but on the basis of old documents it is believed there was a tower, some smaller buildings, and another gate. The central castle was surrounded by a massive wall with battlements, behind which were protected all the other buildings, only their roofs were seen over the wall. Beside both longer sides of the irregular central castle were built two single story palace buildings, of these the eastern one is even today apparent. The lower fore-castle had a three-room building and presumably other buildings, it may also have served as a center of economic activity.
The castle is open all year to the public and a hiking trail leads from it to the dominant hill in the Czech Central highlands, Lovoš.

Oparno Castle


Castle remains

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N 50° 32.506', E 14° 0.558'



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