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Konojedy a Levínsko

Jeleč Spa

The picturesque Jeleč Spa is located in the Czech Central Mountains near Horní Vysoké, below the pottery village of Levín. The Jeleč spa dates back to the start of the 19th century, when doctor Franz Kittel of Levín set up two bathing booths in his house. Johann Mayer von Lindenthal, a former military doctor, built a hydrotherapeutic institute in 1839 to take advantage of the medicinal springwater, which contains iron. He entered the service of the owners of the Liběšické estate, Duke Ferdinand of Lobkowiczm, and acquired from Franz Kittel his house and land. Johann Mayer extended his institute, building a residential wing, a spa, dining areas and a third building with a ferrous-water bathhouse. He died in 1864 and is buried in the old Levín cemetery near the base of Tower hill. The spa was used as a strengthening treatment for tiredness and overwork, convalescence after surgery, and as a supplementary treatment for stomach, digestive tract, gall bladder and kidney ailments. Drinking the ferrous water was used to treat anemia and gynecological problems. An excerpt taken from an original brochure from the start of the 20th century reads „A stay in Jeleč Spa is not restricted to those using the medical facilities, notwithstanding the wonderful influence on recovery, the idyllic seclusion and absolute peace, total absence of smoke and dust, the rich mountain forest air, as well as the revitalizing effect of the famous ferrous spring water used in numerous medical facilities and spas under the supervision of experienced doctors.“
The coldwater therapeutic institute underwent continual expansion under several owners after the death of J. Mayer, until in 1916 when electric current and central heating were installed. Today the original spas are used for recreation mostly by childrens organizations, school trips and nature studies, sporting camps and others.

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Spa Jeleč

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