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Konojedy a Levínsko

Church of the Ascension of the Holy Cross in Levín

Levín was already a parish in 1352. The parish church Ascension of the Holy Cross originally stood in the middle of the old churchyard near the base of the hill Věžní. Being in bad condition, it was torn down in 1787–1790. The construction of a new rounded church on the marketplace was started in 1789. However, the foundation of the new church was weak and started to give way under the weight of the church arches, therefore it was strengthened using iron hoops and more pillars were added. According to local legend, it was the fault of the builder, who apparently disappeared abroad or committed suicide. The church, built according to the plans of builder T. Gruber, caught fire not long after it was opened in 1791. Religious services were held in the parish barn. The badly damaged church was repaired in 1799. Cracks and fractures reappeared in the church, and therefore in 1850 the foundations were underpinned. During digging, the workers came upon an old tunnel, which had been used to dig clay for pottery. The church had just opened again in 1854 for services when a fire broke out, which destroyed the frame, the shingle roof, and the sacristy. The bell was also melted. Later the tower and roof were rebuilt. The interior was newly decorated and equiped with benches. Of special interest in the church are a head of Christ by Kandler and also a stone slab set in a wall with a relief in the shape of a tomcat or lion, popularly known as the „Cat of Levín“. The lettering around the animal shape has not yet been deciphered. Some say that it is old Slavic Cyrillic writing saying „Christ always wins“, and that the lion is the symbol of Christ. Others see in the symbols Teutonic runes of Celtic lettering. This church, at first glance peculiar, stands in Levín's square and has a domelike shape 25 meters in diameter, and masses are regularly held here. If you are lucky, you may even get a tour by the pastor.

Levín – church

GPS position

N 50° 36.773', E 14° 17.115'



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