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Konojedy a Levínsko

Evangelical church in Habřina near Úštěk

The first historical mention of the village Habřina was in 1426. In the time of the Thirty Years war it was part of the estates of Úštěk, the authorities at that time were Jesuits, but despite this a secret evangelical community survived. After the issue of a tolerance edict, in 1781 an openly evangelical community was established, one of the first in the Czech lands. There are also many folk-architecture buildings in the area. In 1787, emporer Josef II founded a community school. In 1851 the evangelicals established a pastorate, in which from 1862 was a one-room evangelical school. With financial help from a German fellowship „Gustav Adolf“, in 1850–1853 an evangelical church was built in the late imperial style and a cemetery in 1861. The evangelical school in Habřina co-existed next to the public school until 1924. The church was the main evangelical center in the northern Czech lands and was visited by the congregations from Děčín and Růžova, which later established their own evangelical pastorate, which presided over many villages. After the post-WWII displacement of the ethnic German population, the proportion of which in 1921 was 2 Czechs to 298 Germans, the evangelical church was no longer used. After 1948 it was used as a poultry farm. Today it is in bad condition, but reconstruction has been started, and so far the church has a new roof. Habřina lies on the road from Úštěk to Levin, and the church is on the edge of the village, you really can't miss it.

Habřina- kostel hist.pohlednice

Habřina – kostel

GPS position

N 50° 35.857', E 14° 18.528'



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