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Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary in Libochovany

On the village square of Libochovany stands a church consecrated to the Virgin Mary, which was mentioned along with the parsonage as early as the 14th century. The church had its own parsonage in the pre-Hussite era (cca 14th-15th century), but at the end of the 18th century the parsonage belonged to Lovosice and subsequently to Prackovice. During the Hussite wars the parsonage was destroyed and probably so was the church. There is evidence that in 1460 one of the owners of Libochovany, Mates Fiala, built a chapel which was converted into a church at the end of the 16th century and was again consecrated in 1600. In 1601, Vilém Kamýtský had a bell with an inscription cast for the church in Roudnice nad Laben. The bell cracked in 1819. Later, during the Thirty Years war, the church was probably badly damaged and in the spring of 1673 a new wooden church was built, this too fell into disrepair and in 1890 it was decided to demolish it. Thanks to liberal financial contributions, a new pseudo-gothic style church was built, the construction took 2 years. The new church is oriented North-South. The consecration of the church on 9 June 1985 was performed by the Bishop of Litomerice Dr. Emanuel Johann Schöbel. During the First World War the army siezed two churchbells, and after the war army veterans attended the festivities held at the sanctification of the replacement bells. These however did not stay in the church tower for long – the same fate befell them in the Second World War. To the present day, only the death knoll bell has been preserved in the tower. In recent years, divine services are held in the church, the priest from Křešice comes to administer them. On the edge of the village square, there is an interesting statue of Saint Ann, dating from 1826. It was restored in 1998.

Church – facade

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