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Bohemian Gate Trail

Velké Žernoseky

The village Velké Žernoseky lies on the right bank of the river Labe (Elbe), where the river enters the wild and rocky Česká Brána or Porta Bohemica (Czech Gate). The village is interesting not only for the natural beauty of this part of the Czech Central Highlands, but also for its history. Not far from the village is a nature preserve with a beautiful view-point, the craggy promontory known as Kalvárie. Rich archaeological finds testify to settlement of the area even in prehistoric times. The name of the village is derived from the original employment of the inhabitants – cutting (sekání) large millstones (žernov). The first mention of the village is in the founding papers of the canonry of Litoměřice from 1056–1058. Preserved in the village are imperial style stone buildings from the first half of the 19th century with arcades in their courtyards. Today Žernoseky is connected with grapevines, growing them has become a tradition here. Probably about 1143, the Czech king Vladislav II summoned a few dozen monks from the Steinfeld monastery and gave them the villages of Lovosice, Velké Žernoseky, and others. These german monks ruled Žernoseky for over 100 years and in place of thick forests they planted rich vinyards. After this, Žernoseky was ruled by czech nobles from Lípa, who took over from the monks the large wine cellars, which were cut into the cliffs and had an area of 2146 meters. The cellars are joined with passages and are named Dlouhý (Long), Krátký (Short), Apoštolský (Apostlic), Panenský (Virginal) and Jánský (John's). In 1667 Žernoseky was bought by Jan Hartvík from Nostic and in place of the ruined castle he had a simple baroque manor house built. Similar to the later gothich church St. Mikuláš (Nicholas), it is elevated above the road. The clock on the church is from 1906 and is a very attractive, still functioning historical monument. A ferry can take you to the other side of the Labe river. In the village are also regular wine festivals, which especially in autumn are worth visiting.

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