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Important places of the botanical garden

The Peony meadow

This exhibition invites visitors to calm and relax. The Peony collection, containing both hybrids and botanical species of this genus is one of the best in the country. Also important representatives of Magnolias are located at the same place, spectacular especially in the spring, when tens of beautiful woods are in blossom. Whole area is filled up by wooden structures, made by a group of Czech sculptors. These structures represent different times of a year. Since 2001 they point to all cardinal points (spring – East, summer – South, autumn – West and winter – North) as some “giant compass needles”. At the same time, each season symbolizes one of the basic elements – air, fire, earth and water. Guiding motif of these structures is the Tulip Tree, representing the Magnolia family.

GPS position

N 50° 7.427', E 14° 25.186'



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