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Important places of the botanical garden

Ornamental Garden

Landscape area, outlined by partial units forms the Ornamental Garden. Since the Garden of Troja is relatively young, most of woody plants aren´t older than forty years. The oldest trees are found at the northern part of the Garden, e.g. Giant Sequoia of North America, pendulous beech or Honey Locust with thorny branches and trunk. All these trees are dominant features of grassy areas of the Ornamental Garden. Central flower bed of annuals, rioting of colours during summer can´t be overlooked. The central part is followed by thematic exhibits as, e.g. the pinetum, a collection of various species of pine trees. Many interesting woody plants with cultivars may be seen here. As a supplement to the exhibition, we have a collection of 200 million old petrified Araucarite trees, accompanying beautiful Monkey tail tree, a true exhibition piece. Any Garden can´t exist without water. Lively brook passes through the bamboo meadow, concentrating shade-loving perennials as lobelias, Bell flowers and Alum root, a stylish plant. At banks of this brook, kingcups, globe flowers and other hygrophilous plants thrive. Open-space exhibits of the Ornamental Garden present also an assortment of bulbous and tuberous plants to its visitors. Some of these plants flower early in the spring as Irises, crocuses, anemones and Winter aconite, followed later by tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and ornamental garlics. Interesting is the sight of gentle meadow saffrons (also called “naked ladies”) nearby the lake, adorning the Garden in autumn.

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