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Kašperk Castle

Trail No.5 – Via Nebe and Peklo to Žďánov

(On map marked as the trail No. 5) Red tourist mark, 8.5 km in length (approx. 3 hours), elevation of 210 m, surface: asphalt, forest paths, mountain meadows

A walking trail from the square in Kašperské Hory past the gamekeeper´s lodge Nebe, Chlum hilltop to a former village Žďánov and back via Kavrík to Kašperské Hory. Views of the town and Šumava mountain tops along all the way.

Points of interest: The village of Žďánov was set up as part of external colonisation in the late Middle Ages. The concrete date is not known. The village was set up in connection with gold mining at Žďánov Hill for miners and forest workers. This is why it was so close to the shafts. In 1840, the village had 109 inhabitants living in 14 houses. It was administered under the parish in Kašperské Hory. A pub called „V Předpeklí“ (In Limbo) was standing here until the 1920s. It sold bottled beer and tobacco.

A farmstead named Peklo (Hell) would stand on the meadow below a forested balk of the vanished village until 1947. It was a franklin farmstead with grounds of about 50 ha. The family of Ertls who owned the farmstead came from Upper Bavaria, allegedly from Lenggries. Theywould stay here for 4 centuries. The last descendants were displaced in 1946. The farmstead was destroyed and flattened to the ground in 1956. Remains of the Czechoslovak army fortification line from the second half of the 1930s (so-called řopík), remains of gold mines on the southern slope of Žďánov Hill.

Warning: The trail is marked in one direction only. Follow the arrow signs on the map for better orientation. The trail can be extended joining the blue-marked trail No. 4 (see the map) leading to Pustý hrádek, Kašperk castle and back to Kašperské Hory.

Recommended – Kašperk castle tour The highest-placed royal castle in Bohemia built by Charles IV. East tower and west tower tours are offered. Picturesque views of Šumava mountain tops and the inland area. Castle refreshments, sweet and salty pancakes, a souvenir stall …

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