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Kašperk Castle

Trail no.3 – After National History

(on the map marked as trail no. 3 – on the map enclosed marked as blue dash line)

Yellow tourist mark, 8 km in length (approx. 3 hours), elevation of 230 m, surface: asphalt, forest paths

Walking trail along a picturesque Church of St. Nicolas, a forest Chapel of Virgin Mary, the Helper to Rejštějn and back to Kašperské Hory.

Points of interest: Guided tours of an early-Gothic Church of St. Nicolas; remnants of original wall of so-called White house on Kapperl; the summer residence of Karel Klosermann; a forest Chapel of Virgin Mary, the Helper; Klášterský Windmill – a former world-famous glass Art-Nouveau villa (L.Bauer 1903); Chuch of St. Bartoloměj in Rejštejn with a cemetery, the burial place of the mother of Karel Klostermann ; pilgrimage church of Our Lady of the Snow in Kašperské Hory and the neighbouring Klatovy Chapel of Virgin Mary from the end of the 17th century called Grantl. Warning: steep hill on the way down the Otava valley over Rejštejn. The trail is marked in one direction only. Follow the arrow signs on the map for better orientation.

Recommended: Discover beautiful coloured frescos in early- Gothic Church of St. Nicolas at Kašperské Hory! The Church of St. Nicolas is situated at a municipal cemetery and can be visited with a guide. The guided tour includes the interiors and exteriors of the church and the adjacent Chapel of St. Anna.

More information on tel. no.: +420 376 503 411, www.pamatkykasphory.cz.

GPS position

N 49° 8.638', E 13° 33.358'



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