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Kašperk Castle

Pustý hrádek

Pustý hrádek (Deserted Fort) is a former advanced fortress of Kašperk castle. Zdeněk of Šternberk, that time pledge holder of the castle, had the fortress built for firearm shooters about 300m to the east of the castle in the second half of the 15th century. Perhaps before the end of the 15th century, the fortress burnt down and started to fall into ruin. A rather small silent torso has remained of it to these days. Its location offers an enchanting view of Šumava Mountains as well as the castle.

How to get there: You can get to Pustý hrádek from Kašperské Hory town taking the walking trail called “Na Kašperk jinak” (about 4 km), or following the green tourist route to Kašperk castle and from there the yellow route further to Pustý hrádek (about 3.5 km). Alternatively, you can get there from the car parking at Račánek (1.5 km).

Recommended – castle tour. One of the highest-placed royal castles in Bohemia built by the Charles IV. Picturesque views of Šumava Mountain tops and the inland area. Castle refreshments, sweet and salty pancakes, a souvenir stall.

Two castle tours: The first castle tour is dedicated to everyday life at the castle, whereas the second tour will introduce visitors to everyday life at the castle in time of its construction. Both tours are connected with life of one specific person living at the castle during and after its construction. Visitors will have an opportunity to see some period tools used during the construction works as well as the castle operation or in time of defence. Both tours are finished with a beautiful view of the castle tower. An interactive programme for kids is included.

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N 49° 9.961', E 13° 33.949'



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