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Kašperk Castle

Šumava Museum

Šumava Museum is a regional museum for the western part of Šumava region. It is seated in Sušice and includes Šumava Museum in Kašperské Hory and Železná Ruda. Museum of national history in Kašperské Hory was open to public in 1928. It offers permanent exposition called Former Life in Šumava, Scientific Exposition and a newly enlarged exposition Glassworks in Šumava. Exhibits on gold mining and everyday life of former inhabitants of Šumava region are displayed here. A set of late-Gothic sculpture from the turn of 15th and 16th century and a collection of Šumava glass belong to the most precious exhibits. The exhibition displays different views at the old-days life and living in Šumava. Visitors can get familiar with both, the difficult as well as beautiful part of life in old Šumava. The scientific part of the exhibition depicts Šumava nature including its flora and fauna. The museum owns and exhibits unique collections of Šumava glassworks and clothing products. The boasts of the museum is the display of one part of mintage treasure which was found during the reconstruction of the square in Kašperské Hory. It is the second largest mintage finds in West Bohemia since 1771. It is freely accessible.

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N 49° 8.607', E 13° 33.351'



Město Železná Ruda
Milan Kříž