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Kašperk Castle

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church and its churchyard from the 14th century is a unique mediaeval monument preserved to this day. There is a chapel next to the church. It was sacred to St. Anna, the patron of family and miners. You can find both sites in the middle of an old cemetery next to Kašperské Hory town, decorated mostly with cast-iron crosses from the 14th century,

Recommended – guided tour of St. Nicholas Church You will see a set of Gothic wall paintings, learn about the hobby of Viktor Antonín Groff, the burgomaster of Kašperské Hory town, reveal the secret of medieval gravestones as well as a fortified tower and will have the chance to test one of the best acoustic areas in the Czech Republic. St. Anna Chapel will enchant its visitors by an illusory painting by Josef Hager from1756 and a Baroque altar, once a hiding place of a statue of St. Anna Samotřetí, and wooden purgatory.

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How to get there from the town centre If you take the road to the west from the square in Kašperské Hory (see the map), you will pass a Baroque granary and after 25/30-minute walk (about 1.5 km) you will arrive at an architectural gem of the West Bohemia. You can enjoy the beautiful views of Kašperk castle, Sedlo viewing platform or Opolenecký brook valley along the way. You will end up at a three-winged basilica built before 1330 and a little chapel decorated in the 18th century style. Apart from walking, the place is also accessible by car.

GPS position

N 49° 8.872', E 13° 32.167'



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