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Kašperk Castle

Church of Our Lady of the Snow

Church of Our Lady of the Snow and Klatovy Chapel of the Virgin Mary.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snow belongs to the youngest churches in Kašperk. It was projected by the local master bricklayer Jan Buchinger and built in Neo-Roman style in the years 1850 – 1867. This pilgrimage church is situated at the southern periphery of the town (see the map) offering a beautiful view of Amálino Valley and Šumava Mountains. It was established irrespective of the prosperous local golden mines. It was built as a reaction to the growing significance of Marian pilgrimage which has preserved to this day. The church neighbours with Klatovy Chapel of the Virgin Mary called Grantl that dates back to the late 17th century. The chapel stood at the birth of the famous Kašperk pilgrimage tradition. With passing years it could not accommodate the ever growing numbers of travellers who would be coming here every year to commemorate Our Lady of the Snow. As a result, a new church was constructed in close proximity to the chapel with an allegedly healing spring in1850. Mikuláš Toepper had the chapel rebuilt in 1816. A romantic picture of Virgin Mary of Klatovy drawn a wooden board was placed here by a married couple of Jiří and Anna Pruners. The spring rising at the northern wall of the chapel was claimed to have healing power.

GPS position

N 49° 8.444', E 13° 33.167'



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