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Kojetínské Hills

Bludovice (298 m)

The village is situated around the river Zrzávka in a valley between the hill Heglovec (Hejlovec) and the Bludovský hill south of the Nový Jičín. Bludovice originated at the turn of 13rd and14th century. First written record dates back to 1302. The village was apparently named in honor of the Lord Blud of Pňovice, who ruled the Jičín estate from 1278–1288. The inhabitants made their living from farming, latterly many of them worked in factories in Nový Jičín. The local school is already mentioned in 1789, the Chapel of Saint Michael was built in 1861. The locals were buried in Žilina near Nový Jičín till 1884, when the cemetery was established. The landmarks of Bludovice are Fojství (Reeve´s house), once the largest and richest manor in the village, and the already mentioned Chapel of St. Michael which was built in 1861 by architect Tomáš Chytil from Nový Jičín, according to the plans of Ferdinand Neuserra of Salzburg. We can see number of small quarries on the territory of Bludovice. Very interesting mineral specimens comming from these historical sites are part of the Museum Nový Jičín. GPS: N 49° 34.53425', E 18° 1.35775' Pcr. 1 Historic postcard of Bludovice in 1882. Pcr. 2 Baryte. Pcr. 3 Těšínit.

GPS position

N 49° 34.534', E 18° 1.357'



Geopark Podbeskydí/Občanské sdružení Hájenka
Ing. Dalibor Kvita