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The burial site of Barabs

The new Austrian-Bavarian international connection could celebrate their first day on the 20th of October 1877 and the monarchs of both countries personally attended the ceremony. However, tens of builders of this new rail track that gave Bohemia also the tunnel that had been the longest in Bohemia until 2007 did not live long enough to see the date. Many builders and labourers from Italy, Croatia and Dalmatia called Barabs coming from their home to build the railway to this very heart of the Šumava region found their last rest just here. Their mortal remains had been laid almost anonymously. The members of the Club of Železná Ruda ( Železnorudský klub) were uneasy about it and in 2002 arranged a respectable funeral for these today unknown heroes of labour. A plain, wooden cross next to the rail track between Železná Ruda and Špičák indicated the place of the last rest of the dead Barabs.

Useful information

Česká pošta, (Czech Post) s.p., Hojsova Stráž (phone no. 376 390 120), MO – FR: 13:00 – 16:00

Lékařská ordinace (Medical surgery) Železná Ruda (phone no. 376 397 312), MO, TH: 7:30 – 17:00, TU,WED,FR: 7:30 – 12:00,

Městská Policie (City Police) Železná Ruda (phone no. 602 437 686)

Hasiči (Firemen) Hojsova Stráž (phone no.606 312 870)

Hasiči (Firemen) Železná Ruda (phone no. 724 347 596)

Lékárna (Pharmacv) Železná Ruda (phone no. 376 397 032), MO – FR: 8:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 17:00

Sběrný dvůr (Waste collection tip) Železná Ruda, WED: 14:00 – 18:00, SA: 8:00 – 12:00

Auto – pneu servis (Car and tyre service) Dalibor Řehulka, Špičák 138 (phone no. 605 803 685)

Odtahová služba (Tow service), nákladní doprava (Freight transport) KS Kontejner (Container) (phone no. 725 809 030)

GPS position

N 49° 8.840', E 13° 13.466'



Město Železná Ruda
Milan Kříž