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Jeseník nad Odrou Chateau

The castle was built by single man, Rudolf from Witten. Untill 1728, it was only partly built and not yet completed. Over the years, every owner contributed to the improvement of the castle. The castle was finalized in late Baroque style. A castle park was established, once rich in rare exotic trees such as red – leaved cultivar of european beech, black pine, ginkgo biloba, plane tree. The castle served their owners as a summer residence; since 1707, the custodians took care of the whole estate. The owners of the castle from 1728: 1728 – 1790 messieurs from Antlern and Witten, 1790 – 1800 countess Maria Anna from Gilleis, 1800 – 1821 countess Maria Walburga Truchsess – Zeyl, 1821 – 1831 Valentin Laminet from Opava, 1831 – 1834 Franz Hubert Stucker knight from Meiershofer, 1834 – 1848 count Emanuel Miremont, 1848 – 1851 count Max Harnouncourt – Unverzagt, 1851 – 1862 merchant Ferdinand Zinner from Vienna, after his death, his wife Pauline.

As Pauline died childless, her niece Sarlota von Cischini who inherited the castle, died during the Second World War. The last reported castle holder Heinrich Stecker was probably just a custodian. A manor belonged to the castle which was founded much earlier than the chateau. A brewery operated here untill 1896. Reportedly, the beer had a good reputation and was requested. Frequent change in the person of the brewer and the competition of surrounding modern urban breweries led to its demise and the brewery was changed into a malt house in 1900. The malt house boomed after the First World War and until 1945, a pub stood in the building.

GPS position

N 49° 37.075', E 17° 54.642'



Geopark Podbeskydí / Občanské sdružení Hájenka
Ing. Dalibor Kvita