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Bartošovice Chateau

A fort is mentioned in 1490. It was rebuilt into a castle in 1583. In 1670, significant building modifications took place. The castle was rebuilt into a two-storeyed building with four wings. Another building modifications took place between the years 1869 – 1877. Until 1890, a brewery was a part of the castle and until 1970, the stables and farm buildings. Since 2000, Information Centre of Region Poodří is located in the castle. Castle park was established in 1768 by botanist Joseph Emanuel Canal de Malabail. He planted exotic trees, constructed large greenhouses, built alcoves and fountain. In this period, the memorable Platanus × acerifolia was apparently planted out. Solitary plane tree grows north of the Castle. It is one of the largest trees of its kind in the Czech Republic and ,according to available data, it belongs among the 6 largest trees in Europe. The estimated age is 220 years. The plane tree is about 220 years old, 32 m high and trunk circumference is 760 cm.

GPS position

N 49° 40.273', E 18° 3.065'



Geopark Podbeskydí / Občanské sdružení Hájenka
Ing. Dalibor Kvita