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Z Velkého Března do Zubrnic


In the small picturesque village of Zubrnice, which lies about 10 km east of Ústí nad Labem, are a number of interesting sites which are worth a visit. Among these are the open-air folk architecture museum, the railway museum, the small water mill, and the originally gothic church of saint Mary Magdalene, which was rebuilt in the baroque style by the workshop of Octavia Broggia from Litoměřice between 1723–1732. The village sprung up in the 9th and 10th centuries in the valley of the stream Luční. On the stream were once twenty mills and water sawmills. On the stream is also a fish ladder allowing salmonoid fish to get to their spawning grounds. The spawning ground is used for spawning by both fish and leeches, for example the European brook lamprey (Lampetra planen). The history of the village includes parson Vincenc Zahradník, a figure in the Czech national revival, who was here in „banishment“ between 1820 and 1830. In 1820 in Litoměřice, where he was a professor in the seminary, he created a group of supporters of the Prague philosopher Bernard Bolzan. The Catholic church judged him dangerous and therefore on the orders of a commission in Vienna he was stripped of all functions and named parson in Zubrnice. Preserved in the center of the village are a number of historic timber buildings, which form the core of the open-air museum. A baroque wooden well from 1695 also dominates the village square, where it was brought from Střížovice near Ústí nad Labem. Not far from the village hall, the picture is completed by the spread of a historical and protected small-leaved linden tree. The village is a favorite of film directors for its architecture and photogenic scenery. The films Gentlemen, Boys (Páni kluci, 1975) and Rebels (Rebelové, 2001) were filmed here.


Zubrnice – view of protected linden


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Useful links: www.obeczubrnice.cz www.zubrnice.cz www.zmz.cz

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N 50° 38.965', E 14° 13.229'



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