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Z Velkého Března do Zubrnic

Zubrnice – railway museum

In the Czech central mountains, in the county Zubrnice, there is a historical railway from the Austro-Hungarian empire era. The opening ceremonies of the railway, which was built as a private local railway between Velké Březno – Verneřice – Úštěk were held on 18th August, 1890, on the occasion of the 60th birthday of emporer Franz Joseph I. The branch line to Úštěk was put into service in September of th esame year. The train stations with their two tracks, short platforms, the station buildings, and even the latrines are preserved to the present day. There are no bridges or tunnels on the railway, as it was built on a low budget. Na trati nejsou žádné mosty ani tunely, neboť byla stavěna velmi úsporně. However, the hillly terrain means there are pronounced grades. On the 15 kilometer long route, the altitude varies between 149 meters at the lowest point to 576 meters at the Mukařov station. Initially, the main income of the railway was from carrying freight to the industrial areas of Verneřice, but later income from recreational transport increased. After 1945, much of the industry of the area was shut down and increased transport by road transport caused a marked decrease in rail transport. The railway became uneconomic and in 1978 it was completely shut down. In the 1970s, during the creation of the open-air folk architeture museum at Zubrnice, it was planned to use the track Velké Březno – Zubrnice as a museum railway which would transport visitors to the museum, but this plan was never realized. Today, the station has been transformed into a small railway museum which has been open to the public since 1996. The muzeum shows the past and present of the local track and includes three-dimensional displays. Expozice zde dokumentuje minulost i současnost zdejší trati včetně třírozměrných exponátů. The impressive functional model of the Levín station is not just for children. On the tracks you can see for example the unique railway crane from 1877, the hopper wagon Talbot from 1931, and the 1916 locomotive T201.901. The area was used by directors V. Plívová and F. Renč when filming Gentlemen, Boys (Páni kluci, 1975) and Rebels (Rebelové, 2001).

Zubrnice – railway museum

Zubrnice – railway

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