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Po hradech a zříceninách Českého středohoří

Košťálov – castle ruins

The distinctive crag dominating the southeast edge of the Czech central mountains (České středohoří) near Třebenice is the mountain Košťálov, on its summit loom the remains of a gothic stone castle.
The ruins of the upper structure of the castle on top of the steep cliffs have been preserved to the present day, the original construction dates are unknown. The earliest known historical document mentioning the castle is from 1372; this document regards the burgrave Aleš the Younger from Slavětín but interestingly not the owners of the castle. In the 15th century, when the castle was under siege by the Hussite army, the castle belonged to the noble Kaplíř family of Sulevic. It remained the seat of the Kaplíř family until the middle of the 16th century, when it no longer met their increased requirements and they removed to two fortified castles.
The upper part of the castle forms a single towered palace. The ground floor was windowless, the first and second floors had only small windows and the third floor had large windows. At the top of the hill is an open area, where probably the lower castle once stood. Artifacts discovered here (remains of the kitchen, dishes, keys and locks from the 15th century) are now in the museum in Třebenice. There are buried cellars in the center of the open area.
With the castle belong local legends, one of which tells of Běle, the daughter of Kazi and Bivoje, who was the wife of the rich squire Košál. Once, when she left home for the castle, she and her retinue were attacked by two bears. The bold lady and her retinue killed the bears, and as a tribute, her husband hung the pelts over the castle gate.
The castle ruins can be reached by ascending from the village Košťálov, or by following the green tourist trail from Třebenice.


Zřícenina hradu Košťálov

Košťálov – pohled od cesty

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