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The first historical mention of Studenec come from the 14th century, when it belonged to the nearby castle Levin. It was mentioned Zbraslav of Studenec in 1395. Messages were disappearing and again Studenec was reminded in 1533, when it was owned Trčeks of Lipa. There was built a fort. I was a simple Renaissance building. It was mentioned in 1623 for the first time. It was mentioned the first when the property of Jan Stranik was confiscated to participate in the revolt. Confiscated estate bought Albrecht z Valdstejna in the same year, who had given to Johana Ursula Grodecki of Grodce in 1630.. The fortress was changed into a residence administrator of an estate. Fortress did not serve its purpose. It was rebuilt to Baroque style offices and housing for officials. The use of the fortress did not alter until 1879, when Karel Berger of Bergental began to use as his headquarters again. The fortress was insufficient for him, it was rebuilt and expanded in 1883. Interior was revised significantly, and it was built the new southwest wing in Pseudorenesaince form. There was placed an entry into the rebuilt castle. The castle has been preserved to this day in this form. Bergers of Bergental sold to Jan Hakl, merchant of Jilemnice, in 1891. Jana, his daughter, owned castle until her death in 1965. It was sold to the The Chemical Factories Litvinov after her death. They made a rehabilitation and recreation center from chateau. The chateau was rebuilt into a hotel in the 90‘s of 20th century. It is out of service at present and the chateau can not be visited now.

GPS position

N 50° 33.414', E 15° 32.690'



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