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Water in geopark

Stream Honkuv potok

Honkův Stream is a tributary of the Jizera river. It flows at the border of the village Rybnice. Mass movements and landslides and flooded areas are the important natural risks. The Jizera river and its tributaries (Oleška, Olšina, Vošmenda, ký potok, Honkův potok, Kundratický potok and others) are cutted into the original plan paleorelief by deep erosion valley. Bedrock is exposed at many erosion places on steep slopes that flank the valley. There is a sliding due to the high saturation and underground water due to the structural and lithological conditions. Separation surfaces are large locations up to several hundred meters. Most of the landslides is stationary now, but some not. It is evidenced by numerous smaller sliding in the rainy season.

Outcrops visible around the creek is predominantly gray-green, gray and dark gray mudstones and siltstones Roudnice‘s horizon. It is Permian Carboniferous Piedmont and inner-sudeten pans. They are mostly calcareous and contain clay or position relatively pure limestones and dolomitic limestones. They are deposits of anoxygen lake, which covered the early Permian the entire northern part of the Piedmont Basin and beyond to the west and into the Mnichovo Hradiste pan. Outcrops are paleontological. There was found relatively rich flora and fauna, documenting the Permian age in oucrops. Roudnice‘s horizon is the most consistent and most important stratigraphic horizon leading here

GPS position

N 50° 36.661', E 15° 23.599'



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